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I Remember - Poem

The Highlanders Museum and Moniack Mhor asked writer John Glenday and me to work with a group of young people to make a film to commemorate world war one.

John started with writing warm up techniques and out of this came the poem bellow.

 We decided that the poem would become our film, with animated Rotoscope figures brining it to life... we ran out of time so rather then let them go to waste you'll find them next to the credits


I Remember

 I remember death, by disease and gunfire.

I remember my Dad in his immaculate uniform and shiny boots closing the door as he went to war.

I remember my dog howling and barking when my Dad forgot his helmet and us wanting to run after him.

I remember when my brother got whisked away to fight.

--- I remember death. ---

I remember the thick smell of mud in the air.

 I remember blood – lots of blood – the colour of rose red poppies spilling everywhere.

 I remember the mumbling of friends and soldiers struggling through.

I remember the isolating silence after each mortar round.

 I remember the echoing blasts of rifle, machine gun and cannon fire cutting through the long silence.

I remember wishing we’d be given the orders to advance but fearing that was the message each time the telegraph boy came past.

 I remember the stretches of wasteland littered with bodies and fallen colleagues.

--- I remember death. ---

 I remember the longing for home once we got there.

 I remember watching a skylark hovering over no man’s land.

I remember Duncan trying to sleep standing up but slipping and swearing so loudly we thought the Gerries must surely hear us.

--- I remember death. ---

I remember the first letter we got home from my Dad.

I remember being relieved and proud when he came home alive and smelling of gunpowder.

I remember saving lives.

I remember almost forgetting what it was for.

I remember death and dying